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Charlie McCormack

Galway, Ireland

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H2 Ultimate & Cosmicar Pentax 12mm f0.8, Az 140.9, Ev 36.3





I run a small monumental business in Galway City and have always had fascination for the night sky. My interest in meteors started when as a child I saw a huge meteor one evening low in the sky way back in the late 1960's. A few days later there was a photo on the front page of The Irish Times of a farmer in Northern Ireland standing beside it where it had landed on his farm. This was likely to have been the Bovedy Meteorite.
I own a 8.75 inch reflector telescope, a pair of astronomical binoculars, a copy of Norton's 2000 Star Atlas and the Starwalk2 app. In 2016 I was speaking with Mike Foylan who told me about the NEMETODE meteor group. Mike put me in touch with William Stewart who set me up with my meteor camera system and with Michael O'Connell who gave me a course in meteor analysis. I have a lot more to learn but this shows how easy it is for someone with minimal experience to get set up and be a part of a large group like this. The NEMETODE members have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience to give you all the help and support needed to get up and running. Looking forward to contributing my observations to, and being part of, the team!