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Overview & History

What is now NEMETODE had a somewhat extended gestation with the two co-founders (William Stewart & Alex Pratt) performing video based meteor observations for a number of years, unaware of each other's existance. Although William and Alex both realised the value of (and actively sought) multi-station collaboration it was not until July 2012 with a particularly spectacular observation that the breakthrough occurred. It was this posting on Bill Ward's Meteor Forum that resulted in the collaboration between Alex & William and that ultimately led to the creation of NEMETODE. In the intervening years the collaboration has resulted in multiple papers, significant growth in the network, discovery of new friends (including some who had also been observing for some time and were also looking for video collaborators) and a lot of fun! Our cameras cover the meteor ablation layer from the south west of Ireland to the North Sea and from the north of Scotland to the English Channel. Although this makes NEMETODE the largest network of its kind in the British Isles, we still have a few "not spots" so please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.


Meet the Team

With 43 individual contributors and over 67 cameras, the group has come a long way in a few short years. Stay tuned as exsting members of the team are configuring additonal cameras and new members are coming onboard. Click on the names below to see who's who ...

Adam Jeffers

Alex Pratt

Andy McCrea


Anthony Cross

Birmingham AS

Charlie McCormack

Chris & Victoria Jackson


David Anderson


David Dunn

Denis Buczynski

Derek Robson

Dunsink Observatory

Coming Soon

Fintan Sheerin

Frank Johns

Fred Stevenson

Gordon Reineke

Graham Roche

Coming Soon

Greg Pearce

HAG: Steve Bosley

Ian WIlliams

James Dawson


Jeremy Shears

Jim Rowe

John Mason / Russ Slater


Jon Jones

Ken Ball

Kevin Smith


Martin Farmer

Martin Kessel

Coming Soon


Michael O'Connell

Mike Foylan

Mike Harlow


Nick James

Nick Quinn

Nick Rowell


Peter Carson

Peter Stewart

Ray Taylor


Steve Johnston

William Stewart