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Greg Pearce

Veryan, Cornwall, England

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H2 Supreme / Cosmicar / Pentax 6mm f0.75, Az 328.9, Ev 62.3




Like many others, Greg’s interest in astronomy started whilst undertaking a school project in the late sixties / early seventies on the Apollo program. After leaving school his interest continued further with the acquisition of his first refractor telescope however family and work commitments as an Energy Risk Manager meant that Greg really only had time to pursue armchair astronomy over the next thirty years.

Hopefully, time constraints will now be overcome for Greg since retiring last year from the weekly commute to Amsterdam and moving back to his homeland of Cornwall. He has also recently joined Kernow Astronomers and plans are already afoot to erect a summer house for his partner Jan in the back garden; but a summer house that will look remarkably like a roll off roof observatory to those in the know!

It was whilst visiting fellow Kernow Astronomer and NEMETODE member Frank Johns observatory in Newquay that Greg’s interest in meteor capture and analysis was borne. Within a very short time period and with much help and guidance from William Stewart a Watec 902H2 Supreme and Cosmicar Pentax 6mm combination was acquired and commissioned. Whilst currently seen as very much work in progress with a steep learning curve, Greg hopes that within a short period of time this first camera will be supplemented with another and that his contribution of data collection and analysis will yet again widen the coverage of meteor detection within NEMETODE over the British Isles.