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Hampshire Astronomical Group

Clanfield, Hampshire, England

Camera / Lens Combination:

KPF 131 HR / Goyo 3-8mm f0.95, Az 306.4, Ev 62.4

KPF 131 HR / Goyo 3-8mm f0.95, Az 132.8, Ev 39.8

Watec 902H2 Ultimate / Genie (Tamron) 4-12mm f1.2, Az 32.8, Ev 36.2


The Hampshire Astronomical Group (HAG to our friends!) is based at its observatory at Clanfield in the South Downs National Park, in Hampshire. We have six main telescopes, from a pair of Victorian Refractors (a 4.5 inch built by Smith, Beck, and Beck and a 5 inch by Thomas Cooke and Son) up to our most recent acquisition, a 24 inch Ritchey-Chretien Reflector. We also have 3 video cameras stationed there for observing meteors.

HAG began with 2 cameras in 2012, as part of the UKMON network group and link across to the French BOAM team as well as other UK stations.

With the installation of our third camera we are now planning to process the feeds using the (slightly) different criteria used by each network and looking to see if there are any statistically significant variations in results, for the benefit of both networks.

After trialling the input from the Watec camera to both networks, HAG intend to feed data from all three cameras into both UKMON & NEMETODE, maximising the opportunities for multi-station matches.

Steve Bosley: (steve.bosley@hantsastro.org.uk)