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Graham Roche

Dublin, Ireland

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H2 Ultimate / Computar 8mm f0.8, Az 028.1, Ev 32.3




Graham has always had a deep interest in space, sparked by a long fascination with 'Star Trek'. Eager to pursue his love of astronomy while working nights he invested in a meteor camera to do the job when he couldn't. In his initial year of operation, while the camera was simply pointing out of his window while mounted on a tripod on 26th October 2011, Graham gained the honour of being the first person in the Republic of Ireland to record a sprite. Currently he is commissioning a housing in order to allow his Watec 902H2 Ultimate and Computar 8mm f0.8 lens to be permanently mounted outside.

In the meantime Graham has, during the summer of 2015, added a 600 line/mm transmission diffraction grating to the front of his system and has already obtained very useful data (see images below).