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Fintan Sheerin

Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H / Cosmicar Pentax 6mm f0.75, Az 280.0, Ev 36.7




Fintan was a very active visual meteor astronomer in his younger years and, after a break of some time, he has returned to the area of astronomy that is closest to his heart. He currently has one camera set up on the front of his house, positioned about 8 metres high, and facing just north of west.

An amateur radio experimenter, he has a 4 element 2m yagi antenna mounted on the chimney and a 5 element 4m yagi on a pole mounted on the back of his house. Both are connected to FUNcube dongles allowing him to monitor meteors using forward scatter. The former is monitoring reflections from GRAVES beacon in France whereas he is attempting to do likewise with the BRAMS beacons in Belgium. He is experimenting in meteor observation with the School of Physics in Trinity College Dublin and will be teaching an introductory module in observational astronomy to students in 2019.

Fintan is a member of the IAS, BAA and RAS. He has maintained his interest in observational astronomy and has a number of telescopes for this purpose.