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David Dunn

Livarot, Calvados, Normandy, France

Camera / Lens Combination:

Genwac 902H / Computar 6mm f1.2, Az 055.8, Ev 33.8




David Dunn has been interested in looking at the night sky for a long time - he even remembers staying up to see the 1966 Leonids!

David worked as an engineer for over 40 years and since retiring in 2012 (and moving to a nice dark site in Normandy France) he has been relearning the sky by taking a series of wide field sky shots of the night sky with a 50mm lens and in the process obtaining images of all the Messier Objects - albeit mostly just dots. A more detailed survey is now being undertaken, using a 150mm lens. Some of the results can be seen on the BAA Members’ Pages.

David has always had an interest in meteors and the discovery of an active group doing real work in this field was the incentive to get involved with NEMETODE.