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Crayford Manor House AS Dartford

Sutton-at-Hone, Dartford, Kent, England

Coming Soon

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H2 Ultimate & Computar 3.6mm f1.2, Az TBA, Ev TBA





When CHMASD had to leave Crayford Manor House, in 2012, we eventually moved to our present site at Sutton-at-Hone. With financial assistance of Dartford Council we built our own observatory on the side of the clubhouse. Then we began to expand our horizons and decided to add our first meteor camera. We had a few false starts, not least with battles to get decent internet connected to the clubhouse which allows us to remotely view the images and to use team viewer to reset the system etc when necessary.

Personally it was the some of RIchard Fleet’s presentations at one of the BAA Winchester Weekends that got me, Janice McClean, interested - I like the idea of not having to stay up late and in the cold to observe! Crayford Committee were fully behind the idea from the beginning, and it is now one of our main projects. Our Secretary, Mike Rushton, and myself visited HAG, (thanks to Peta and Steve Bosley), who gave us some real hands-on practical help in avoiding common pitfalls and step by step guidance on installing the system.

Our camera is mounted on the gable wall of our clubhouse at Sutton-at-Hone in Kent.