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NEMETODE Meteor Data Set for 2010

It is current NEMETODE policy to publish our original datasets after a period of approximately two years.

The first node of the NEMETODE network (Ravensmoor) went live in October 2010 (see Overview & History). At that time it was a single camera and as a consequence there were no dual station captures. Since that time the network has grown (see Nodes) but in addition the knowledge and experience in data reduction by the NEMETODE team members has also increased.

In May 2013 William Stewart decided to revisit the 2010 data in order to re-analyse it using the latest version of UFO Analyser and to apply the same Quality Assurance checks that have been developed since July 2012 (and which are currently employed during the analysis of our latest data). This page contains the re-analysed meteor data set for November and December 2010 reduced from observations by the Ravensmoor node of the NEMETODE network. In the coming months additional datasets will be made available as the re-analysis continues.

This file can be downloaded and used freely for the non-profit purpose of scientific research or academic affairs. Any published results that make use of this data should credit "NEMETODE Observed Meteor Data Set 2010", http://www.nemetode.org/DataSet_2010.htm

I've also created a configurable spreadsheet to allow the data to be plotted in a graphical format - please follow the instructions on the readme tab within the spreadsheet in order to plot the data in which your are interested.

If you want to know the detail of a specific record or require any additional information then please contact William.

The "Notes" file provides important additional information for each DataSet.

October 2010 Data
  Undergoing re-analysis
    November 2010 Notes