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NEMETODE Meteor Data Set for 2016

This page contains the combined .csv file encompassing all meteor observations recorded by the cameras of the NEMETODE network during the period 01st January 2016 to 31st December 2016. During this period there were 76127 individual meteor detections with 24228 "Q1 Level" mutual events (including unified solutions) and 7407 solar system orbits from the following stations:

Almira, Worcester, Worcestershire, England, operated by Michael Morris (370 detections)

Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England, operated by Fred Stevenson (227 detections)

Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, operated by Andy McCrea (426 detections)

Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, operated by Allan Carter (11127 detections)

Blockley, Gloucestershire, England, operated by Graham Salmon (567 detections)

Bunbury, Cheshire, England, operated by Jeremy Shears (4357 detections)

Chelmsford, Essex, England, operated by Nick James (4451 detections)

Clanfield, Hampshire, England, operated by Steve & Peta Bosley (6667 detections)

Delamere, Cheshire, England, operated by Andrew Smith (1 detection)

Derriaghy, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, operated by Peter Stewart (402 detections)

Dublin, Ireland, operated by Graham Roche (1047 detections)

Dunsink Observatory, Scribblestown, Dublin, Ireland, operated by Dunsink Observatory (1164 detections)

East Barnet, London, England, operated by Jim Rowe (3318 detections)

Gargunnock, near Stirling, operated by Nick Rowell (716 detections)

Huntington, near Chester, Cheshire, England, operated by Jon Jones (295 detections)

I87, Monasterevin, Co. Kildare, Ireland, operated by Michael O'Connell (1863 detections)

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, operated by Alex Pratt (11325 detections)

Livarot, Calvados, Normandy, France, operated by David Dunn (1161 detections)

Low Craighead and Dunure, Ayrshire, Scotland, operated by David Anderson (3465 detections)

Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland, operated by Gordon Reinicke (1498 detections)

Newquay, Cornwall, England, operated by Frank Johns (1066 detections)

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, operated by James Dawson (88 detections)

Rathmolyon, Co. Meath, Ireland, operated by Mike Foylan (22 detections)

Ravensmoor, Cheshire, England, operated by William Stewart (10053 Detections)

Skirlaugh, North Yorkshire, England, operated by Ray Taylor (3791 detections)

Steyning, West Sussex, England, operated by Nick Quinn (1484 detections)

Tarbatness, Highland, Scotland, operated by Denis Buczynski (5176 detections)



All records were checked manually in order to minimse errors that may have been introduced by automated processes.

This file (22MB) can be downloaded and used freely for the non-profit purpose of scientific research. Any published results that make use of this data should credit "NEMETODE Observed Meteor Data Set 2016", http://www.nemetode.org/DataSet_2016.htm

This data file has now been included in the EDMOND meteor database (European viDeo MeteOr Network Database).

If you want to know the detail of a specific record or require any additional information then please contact NEMETODE.

NEMETODE 2016 Dataset

downloadable .csv file