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Glyn Marsh

Ballakinnag, Isle of Man

Camera / Lens Combination:

Watec 902H2 Supreme / Computar 3.8mm f0.8, Az 349.5, Ev 28.5




Dr. Glyn Marsh is a retired industrial chemist/materials scientist who spent most of his career in the nuclear industry, involved in the manufacture of fuels for different reactor systems. An active observational amateur astronomer for over 30 years Glyn has been a member of the BAA since 1990. He is also a member of The Astronomer organisation and IoMAS, the local astronomical society on the Isle of Man.

Glyn was also a former member of Preston and District Astronomical Society until 2008 when he moved to the Island. His main astronomy interests are comets (both visual and CCD imaging) and observing transient phenomena. Along with others of his age, experience in film photography preceded digital imaging and while the Isle of Man is as cloudy as anywhere else in the UK, Glyn's site in the North of the Isle of Man provides some excellent opportunities for dark-sky observing.

Glyn enjoys the practical aspects of our hobby including building observatories and equipping them with permanently-mounted telescopes as well as restoring older telescopes and telescope mounts. Glyn notes, "I have had the great privilege of learning from much more experienced amateurs, some present and some, sadly, now passed away. Among the latter I count Andrew Elliott, Harold Ridley, Steve Evans, George Alcock and Henry Soper, all dedicated observers of meteors who would be glad to see my first steps in meteor video observing with the NEMETODE team".